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See Thru was started because we’re just as sick of the beauty noise as you are.

Lisa Guerrera, Founder

Lisa Guerrera, Founder

The story behind our founder, Lisa Guerrera:

When I was in college studying chemistry, I was an absolute beauty nerd (still am). I would pore over ingredients lists trying to figure out what would be the most effective in my personal battle with cystic acne.

Studying chemistry certainly helped this process– I could more readily understand the complex and often confusing words on the back of products. But as I learned more about beauty products, I noticed a concerning trend in their marketing: all these words that brands use to promote their products like “natural” “chemical-free” “free from [insert ingredient here]” all meant absolutely nothing. Worse yet, as a chemist, I noticed that everyone was using language that made “chemicals” into a dirty word– like, “if you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it on your face.” After seeing this over and over again, I realized that this trend was deeper than just snappy marketing language. These phrases pulled at a concern so many people have these days– that their beauty products can’t be trusted...

But in beauty, you shouldn’t be fearful of the unknown chemicals “lurking” in your products. Beauty is completely driven by chemicals, and to me, that’s vital for consumers to understand that. It felt crazy to me that in a world full of information, beauty consumers were led to believe that simply “chemicals” in their beauty products was something of concern.  

Knowing this, I decided to write my thesis on the topic of “Chemophobia” (fear of chemicals) in the beauty industry, and how it affects consumer behavior. Through my research I found out something interesting; consumers are actually subconsciously afraid of the ingredients in their beauty products because the majority (81% to be exact!) simply don’t recognize the ingredients or understand what they do. As a result, this can negatively impact their buying behavior, making them more likely to buy products with more recognizable ingredients. And in an industry with endless choice, they’ll simply move on to the next product if they “don’t like” the ingredients list.

While in recent years the beauty industry has made attempts to become more transparent, it’s causing even more confusion than before! Every brand has a narrative they’re trying to achieve (“clean” vs. “natural” vs. “high performance” etc.) and every consumer has a skepticism to field even though they have more information at their fingertips than ever before. There is a massive disconnect between brands and their consumers that Google just simply isn’t clarifying.

All this is why I created See Thru– the first company truly solving a lack of transparency in beauty, radically and honestly. This goes beyond cool technology. We’re on a mission to reshape the future of beauty through more honest dialogue and more trustworthy consumer experiences. 

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